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At Copper Canyon Complete Care we are always growing to meet the needs of our clients, so don’t be surprised if we are able to cater to any other needs in the near future. Let Copper Canyon Complete Care assist you in bringing your concepts to fruition. From small to large, Copper Canyon Complete Care is ready, willing, and able to take care of your needs. We are fully licensed and insured. If you have any questions please call us.



Lance P.Chandler, AZ

Despite several scheduling changes and problems, the crew did a fantastic job and the work that was done was more than reasonable in cost. I would recommend them; however, you will need to be flexible with when they arrive and receiving a call back to tell you when you are on their books to arrive.


Mike S.Gilbert, AZ

They cleaned up my neighbors yarn and blew a bunch of stuff into my yard. They also left a bunch of tree trimmings in my back yard. Thanks guys.


Jay H.Queen Creek, AZ

They did my landscaping in the backyard. Did a very good job designing it. That was the good. The bad is they totally underestimated the amount of rock (by 15 tons); wound up having some other local gardener have it delivered and installed; they put in a fertilizer system that doesn't work. They said they were waiting for the manufacturer of the system for either an upgrade or repair....that was 3 years ago. They will tell you that they will be out....never are they on time....or in my current case have they shown up. Oh btw, they did a relative of mine. Turns out they sloped the yard incorrectly. There are many other choices out there. Choose wisely my friend.


Susana S.Tempe, AZ

★ ★

Thought I would give them a call after Mark T's glowing review! I needed service done on a rental property in the Queen Creek area and thought, since they are local to give them a call. I spoke to Tanya and she was pleasant and said they would send someone right over to have a quote done on the property. I did let her know that my house is on what they call a Z lot - so a super small front yard and small back yard almost townhomeish - but it's a single family home for people who don't want to deal with a yard! BINGO - that's for me! Anyway I've had landscapers out before I pay maybe 50 dollars, and that's because it's their minimum - I had a great landscaper that retired who only charged me 35 because it's so tiny and I MISS HIM SO MUCH!

Well all in all - they called back with a quote - $100 for the front yard $75 for the back!! WTFrick??? Did you look at my house? There is practically NO YARD! Sorry - it just seemed as if they were taking advantage of me - I don't have millions of dollars to spend on landscaping and I want a service I can trust.

But if you have 175 to spend on a yard feel free to contact them!


Mark T. Chandler, AZ

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

After discovering my side yard flooded due to a leak from the irrigation system, I knew my man card did not extend to knowing how to locate and repair the problem. The lady at my dry cleaners referred me to Copper Canyon after I mentioned the no-show from Cloud 9. She gave me the phone number, I called that afternoon and had an appointment scheduled a few days later. The problem was I wouldn't be in town - not that I was going to help dig a hole or check the system, but I thought I needed to be there. Not so. Tammy was very friendly, gave me an appointment and said she would contact me with a quote. She texted the information the next day and I agreed to an appointment.

The company has a good reputation. They have worked on local schools, the owner of San Tan dry cleaner also stated he uses them and gives them a high recommendation. Tammy stated that they do several properties in my neighborhood and are out every week.

When I returned I was pleased with the maintenance completed on the front and back yard (I was surprised to see they even mowed the yard), and I have not seen any flooding in the yard since they came out. Rather than digging up the entire yard and looking for a leak, it turned out to be two broken sprinkler heads (which I would never have looked at). A small fix for $20.

Copper Canyon offers bi-weekly and monthly maintenance options, will design landscaping, add/remove plants and install barbeque features. I am glad that I found this company and will continue to use them on a monthly basis.